There is time in the year when Christmas magic is everywhere, inside our hearts and outside on the street of town. With the first Cola-Cola commercials on TV, the traditional “Alone in Hose” movie for children and grownups, the choice of the brightest and colorful Christmas tree lights and taking those warm pajamas and socks from the closet, we feel that  Christmas spirit knocking on our doors. And the exciting feeling that wakes up in us connects tradition, family and delicious food.

This winter Zuzori wants to give you a feeling of home outside of your house : warm atmosphere surrounded by lovely Christmas decorations and most important:  comfy food that will make you laugh and create memories with your friends and family.


It takes little for happiness and serenity, and this is Our Winter Story we want to share with you. Every word of it is honest and kind, and every bite is sensational and divine.

Let the magic begin with Christmas & Zuzori!

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