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Our courses

Fresh genuine ingredients and food

Our menus feature some of the region’s finest courses and there is always something to tempt, from light starters through to main courses.

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Wine selection

Wide variety of regions quality wines

Our wines are hand selected for their quality and value. Zuzori partners with many prestigious winemakers in Croatia, offering the extensive wine list.

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Check our tasty sweet courses

Our desserts are little treasures that will offer you delicious tastes of pleasure. In addition to the great classics, many desserts have been created according to new tastes coming from our chefs secret recipes.

Feels like home
Local kitchen at its best
We think that a quality restaurant is somewhere you come for a very special experience. It’s a place you feel at home, in a way, but you have to be surprised. It’s really linked with emotion – you can feel when you’re in a fine dining restaurant. Of course, it’s a question of taste mainly, because taste provides emotion, but also it’s about the capacity of the team, the service, to transmit the feelings of the chef and the kitchen.
It is a emotion
that changes your perspective
It’s a place where you can have the best experience possible, not in a formal way, it doesn’t have to be elegant, it doesn’t have to be pretentious. It should be relaxed. We think fine dining is about being pampered, eating very good food, and where the team – because it’s not always the chefs – use everything that’s in their hands to make your dreams come true.



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